The Ocampa: civilization was nearly destroyed a thousand years ago, when their planet suffered a major ecological catastrophe, accidentally triggered by intergalactic explorers. The explorers accepted responsibility for this disaster and left two of their kind behind to care for the Ocampa people. known as the Caretaker, creating a subterranean city for the Ocampa people. Ocampa have several abilities which allow them to absorb information at a phenomenal rate, they are extremely intelligent and have photographic memories, they also have psychic abilities, Kes is telekinetic can hear the thoughts of others, can accelerate growth of vegetable life forms and can manipulate matter at a molecular level, these powers however are limited, all of the above compensate for the fact the Ocampa only live nine years.

The Kazon: race are divided up into extremely violent factions , they have escaped persecution and domination by the Trabe, for many years the Kazon where kept in squalor and slavery ,Jal Sankur united the Kazon people, overthrowing the Trabe. However the legacy of the enslavement is that they trust no one, not even each other, a race who shoot first and ask questions later. Sects survive by trading with each other, and other races, on whom the rely for technology.

The Talaxian: people who lived on the Talaxian moon Rinax, were engaged in a war with their bitter enemies the Haakonion Order, for over a decade. Neelix lost all of his family , by a weapon of mass destruction, called a 'metreon cascade', and the radioactive fallout killed more than 300,000 Talaxians, forcing the Talaxion people to surrender . Neelix survived he was on Talax at this time , the effects of the devastation had a profound effect on Neelix. He knows that one day he will be reunited with his family, in the "Great Forest", the Talaxian after life. He has his new family the Voyager crew.



Unknown Species

The Voth: people travel the Delta quadrant in massive City Ships, there is some proof though that the species did not evolve in the Delta Quadrant. Remains found on Hanon1V by there palaeontologist Professor Gegan, however he had to retract this theory. The Voth can voluntarily enter a protective state of hibernation if they are injured or threatened, they also can remain invisible with inter phase cloaks.

Vidiians: humanoid species of the Delta Quadrant. Once known as a society of scholars, artists and explorers, the Vidiians many years ago where hit by a terrible disease known as the phage, which destroyed the organs of their bodies. They survive only through the widespread use of doner organs to replace diseased body parts. Although Vidiians rely on transplants from their dead, their needs are so great that they capture individuals of other species to serve, as slaves to perform hard labour, prior to killing them for organ harvesting. Vidiian physician Danara Pel is however trying very hard to create a cure for her people.

USS Voyager mistakes the high level of protein in the atmosphere of an un known planet, For a food source Paris and Neelix accidentally seal themselves inside a cave and then discover they have company there, an alien infant repto humanoid being. when it is born it must breath in the trigenic vapours of the this planet, and with a little help from from Tom and Neelix the infant is soon breathing normally. They make a "very" hasty retreat as the unknown alien parent approaches,




The Hirogen: Of all the races encountered , the Hirogen are amongst the most hostile. This deadly race of hunters, pursue their prey across thousands of light years, never giving up until they catch their quarry. Warp capabilities and an extensive network of communications out posts, that stretch out into the far reaches of the Alpha quadrant, a trap to anyone using this space. This suggest the Hirogen are at an advances level of technology.

The Kohl years earlier the Kohl people survived an environmental catastrophe, by submitting themselves into artificial hibernation. Voyager activates an automated messages from members of the Kohl. The crew transports the Kohl's hibernation pods on board, they find humanoids in deep stasis, and as the crew try to make sense of it all, this is where the nightmare begins.

The Kradin: Chakotay first had dealings with the Kradin in psychological warfare. after he crashes a shuttle and finds himself in the middle of an alien war. (requires research I am working on it :)

Fleeting Alien Species hard to find history on most of them ,one thing is for sure Captain Kirk and Jean Luc didnt have to put up with so many Reptilian type aliens :)

Nice picture of 7of9

The former Borgdrone known as seven of nine was born a human female child, called Annika Hansen at the Tendara Colony, her parents were unconventional scientists, who left Federation space to perform experiments in the pursuit of some unique theories, they refused to inform the Federation of their flight plans, and aimed their small vessel toward the Delta Quadrant , it is unknown how they travelled so far in such a short period of time.
Annika was six years old when the family encountered the Borg ship, what happened to the parents is unknown, but the child was assimilated and raised as a Borg her designation was seven of nine.
Later the Borg are forced to co-operate with Captain Janeway to jointly defeat the species '8472', seven of nine acts as a representative of the collective, in much the same way as Captain Picard did as Locutus. During this conflict the crew are forced to disable the neurotranceiver, severing her link from the collective, her human side starts to reject the Borg implants.
The Doctor replaces many of the implants making her more human than she has been for 20 years replacing her eye and using derma plastic skin, he manages to remove 82 percent of the Borg hardware. She still thinks of herself as Borg.


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