The Borg:

El-Aurian race was nearly destroyed in the 23rd century by the Borg. Guinan was one of a group of refugees who escaped into Federation space . The attack leaves the El-Aurian people all but erased , Guinan is deeply effected by what happened to her people and and has a deep hatred of the Borg.

The Borg: are a race of enhanced humanoids who are implanted with cybernetic devices. Each Borg is joined the Borg Collective. it is made up of thousands of minds Joined together by a neural link and the Borg have only one consciousness, the entire collective acts as one The Borg cube is like a mobile city, in which the drones , are nothing more than cells making up a greater body. The Borg home world, is located in the Delta Quadrant. "Q" introduced the Borg to the Enterprise D.to test there readiness to be "out there" Later Captain Jean-Luc Picard was captured and assimilated and became ‘Locutus of Borg’. Data was able to capture Picard and plant the simple command "sleep" into the collective and destroy a Borg ship.

Betazoid: In appearance, Betazoids look like Terrans. One major difference is the empathic abilities of the Betazoid people. make great negotiators and councillors.

The "Q" Continuum

The Romulans

The Benzites
The Q Continuum: is home to omnipotent beings with incredible powers , and many of the individuals within the Continuum, have an arrogance to match their abilities, they consider the human race to be underdeveloped and a barbaric people, due to our bloody wars of the past.
One human more than any other is responsible for the instigation of this change. Captain Jean Luc Picard, however it is Captain Kathryn Janeway, who is the first Starfleet Captain to visit the "Q" Continuum , very little is known about their home world, one thing is for sure they are very powerful , and cannot be taken lightly.

TheRomulans: are one of 3 major players in the Alpha Beta Quadrant, and have borders with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Typically the Romulans seek to undermine their enemies, through plots and behind the scenes manoeuvring , but open warfare has erupted on several occasions. They remain a powerful force, and the Federation has learned to respect Romulan strategy .
Their Warbird design is impressive in its size and power and is equipped with a cloaking system, the Warbird has been the single greatest threat to Federation security.

Benzites: Benzar is a class M planet. The native Benzite requires a small amount of supplemental gasses, other than the nitrogen -oxygen earth mix, to enable them to breath.
Mordock was the first of his race to enter Starfleet Academy

Riva of Ramitis



Riva: of the Ramitis star system. It was discovered centuries ago, that the ruling families of the Ramitis Star system , lacked the gene required for hearing. A system was developed where bye a 'chorus " of interpreters would speak and hear , for members of the ruling family, this arrangement has lasted for centuries, chorus family members continue this service. Riva's chorus were killed on Solais V during peace negotiations with warring factions.

Bynars in the Beta Magellan System. Bynars are a humanoid species that cannot survive without a link to the home world computer. They have some of the best mathematicians and computer experts Bynars always work in pairs that are electronically and psychically linked to each other. This allows for ease of operations and their entire civilization is based on this method of interface, they speak to each other in a form of computer binary language. Starfleet employ these skills for their computer upgrades.

Kriosians Kamala is a genetic rarity among here race, when she was born on Krios she was the first female metermorph in seven generations. From the age of four a female empathic metermorph , is placed in a royal village, and taught many things including every instrument in an orchestra, the arts, and literature, and above all to use here empathic abilities to please her future mate ,her true value is to bring peace to the warring Kriosian's and the Valtese people, and to marry the Valtese leader Alrik, here duty to her people must come before her own desires.

The Klingons

The Andriod Data

Prof: Moriarty
not really an alien

Klingons: are a warrior race originating on the planet Qo'noS .Proud aggressive and with almost religious regard for tradition and honour, they have a predisposition toward combat, they are very strong and able to sustain serious injury their biological structure duplicates all essential organs. Kahless was was the ultimate Klingon warrior, according to legend he unified the Empire, and fashioned the first Bat'leth.Stories about Kah'less and his deeds are part of Klingon culture, passed from father to son .
Klingon women are no less formidable than there menfolk , but hold no high official political positions.

Data and Lore were designed and built in the remote Omicron Theta star system , by Dr Noonien Soong. Earths foremost robotics scientist and cyberneticist. Data was discovered when U.S.S. Tripoli went to investigate the apparent disappearance of the scientific colony .since then he has become a valued and trusted officer in Starfleet
As an android Data has no real family, but can nevertheless be considered to have a father Dr Noonien Soong, mother Juliana O'Donell Soong Tainer, a brother Lore, all cybernetic creations of Dr Soong. and a daughter named Lal created by Data.
Data Still wants to be more like humans ,and this inspires him to experience things like humour, music and artistic abilities, and the emotion of love .

Professor Moriarty "evolves" beyond his holographic programme, to become aware of his nature ; he then tries to take control of the Enterprise D. Sherlock Holmes is a holodeck programme Geordie and Data enjoy, based on the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Tamarians :The Children of Tama are a mysterious and incomprehensible race.The Tamarian vessels are somewhat larger than a galaxy class starship, equipped with powerful shields and precise weaponry . Communication with the Federation on seven encounters has proven to be unsuccessful. Dathon Commander of a Tamarian ship came across the Enterprise on route to the El-Adrel system. Picard hopes he will have better luck communicating , both captains are frustrated at the lack of understanding of each other language. The Tamarian captain beams Picard and himself on to a hostile planet with an invisible beast on it. Picard learns the basic language is made up of metaphor, but his new found comrade is slain by the beast, dies by the fire as picard tells him an ancient tale of a hero.
The Tamarian gave his life for the chance to communicate, finally establishing a connection between their two peoples. Picard is deeply moved by this ultimate sacrifice.


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