The Vulcans

The Orion

Spock!! Iknow:)

Vulcans: are one of the federations most ancient and advanced races, for many years Vulcans where fierce and barbaric, and many of their dissputes were bloody and violent,
The philosopher Surak is looked upon as the father of "modern" Vulcan civilisation.

Sarek: (father of Spock) emerges to become one of the father figures of Federation politics, for over 100 years. Sarek died of Bendii Syndrome , he was 203 years old

Spock: son of Sarek Vulcan, and Amanda Human, making spock constantly having to face the two sides of his heritage. Like Sarek befor him Spock also became a Vulcan Ambassador.

The Orion's: Green-skinned Orion females are held in semi-slavery by Orion males. They are extremely seductive, with legend holding that human males cannot resist them. Few Federation Star Fleet personnel have rarely ever seen an Orion woman.

The Talosians

The Elasians

The Sarpeidons

Talosians:are almost completly destroyed in a massive war,now live under ground and developed telepathy to entertain them selves. Contact with Talos IV for any reason, is forbidden. The Talosians have strange power, and are able to create illusions. First contact with Talosians was made by Captain Christopher Pike, he resides on this planet now with his Vina, both horribly disfigured and crippled in accidents, now well- with the aid of living with illusion.

Elasians: The Elasians for long time where at war with the planet Troyus. In Order to bring peace to the warring planets. Elaan Dolman the Princess of Elas married the Governor of Troyius. Elasian women have tears that act like a love potion.

Sarpeidons: The sun of Sarpeidon, Beta Niobis, exploded into a nova. All the Sarpeidons passed through a time portal machine, called the Atavachron. The Sarpeidon people possessed a very advanced culture, and an enormous library. Cared for by Mr Atoz.

The Cherons

The Gorns

The Andorians

Cherons: are a race based on racial prejudices. Cherons with left side white are the masters, and Cherons with left side black are slaves.The intense racial hatred of Cheron wiped out the entire civilisation, all that remain are Bele and Lokai.

Gorns: are a reptilian race from planets with greater gravity than Earth and with a harsher climate. The Gorn prize physical strength and endurance over intellect.

Andorians: Andorian history is one of conflict, though they do not battle without reason. Andorians are extremely disciplined, possessing a strong sense of duty and honour. Many Andorians have entered Starfleet over the years and given valuble service.

Martia: Shape Shifter

Trelane: of Gothos

Ilia:A Deltan

The Shape Shifter Martia who helped Captain Kirk and Dr McCoy to escape from the Penal Servitude of Rura Penthe, she in fact was working for the Klingons, who wanted the Star fleet officers killed whilst trying to escape

Trelane of Gothos a newly discovered rogue planet. The planet has only one habital area, the rest is toxic and volcanic. Trelane is a powerful entity , of a non corporeal race of beings , that are able to create and move planets at will, he plays the role of a violent possessive man , but he in fact is a small child playing games.

Deltans from the home world Deltan IV a class M planet. Humanoid race characterized by their bald heads, and a sophisticated sexuality. The Enterprise 1701 had a Deltan crew member name Ilia, she was destroyed along with Commander Decker By Vger ,they 'Evolved' into a new "life form".


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