The Ferengi

The Bajorans

The Trill

The Ferengi: race, a species who subscribe to the ideal, that greed and the acquisition of money are honourable achievements, these ideals are enshrined in the Rules if Acquisition a list of 285 rules, to guide them in the pursuit of profit. The surface of Feringar is damp and misty ,the architecture is impressive , and they have a high level of technology

Bajorans: For thousands of years the Bajorans where known as a peaceful people, on a planet that had abundant natural resources. The Cardasians offered assistance to the Bajorans, but over the next two decades it became apparent that the Cardasians where far from benign, and their presence on Bajor became increasingly oppressive . The Cardasians annexed Bajor, and forced the population to abandon their planet or remain in slavery

Trill: An environmental disaster led to the integration of two sentient species in a host-symbiotic relationship. leading to a formal selection process for the Joining. Once joined, Other than the line of small spots that reaches from the humanoid's forehead, down the sides of the neck, Trills look much like Terrans.


Klingon and Trill

The Cardasians

Tosk: was the first Gamma Quadrant alien to come through the wormhole. He is the prey in a ruthless hunt , his whole being is just to be hunted and he finds it an honourable life, the pursuers however tell Commander Sisco they will keep the "game" in their own space in the future.

Jadzia Dax: was a Starfleet science officer assigned to Deep Space Nine shortly after Starfleet took over the station. Dax was a member of the Trill joined species. She died Just shorly after she married Worf, the Dax symbiont survived and was sent back to the Trill home world.

Cardassians:on the edge of Federation space lies the Cardassian Union, the were once a peaceful and cultured people , but poverty and hunger turned them into war like predators. Relations between the Cardassian Union and the Federation remain problematical at best, with Star fleet Captains and Gulls in many hostile situations .

The Dominion

The Vorta


The Dominion the shape shifting founders , can take on any shape, but take on humanoid form whilst dealing with humans. After being forced to evacuate their planet in the Omarion Nebula, because of the threat from attack from Romulan and Cardassian forces. The founders of the Dominion do not want anyone to learn the location of their new base, they want to make sure they are left alone in their new home, much of the surface of the planet is covered by the great link, a lake, the founders must return to the link regularly , individuality is retained

Vorta: The Founders run the Dominion, The Jem 'Hadar do the dirty work, and in the middle of the masers is the Vorta, a servant to both, they also provide the the enzyme "Ketracel white', which the Jem'Hadar need to survive, within the Dominion every race knows its place.

Odo: the Infant changeling was named Odo'ital a word meaning unknown sample, by the scientist Dr Mora Pol at the Bajoran institute of Science . centuries ago Odo's people sent 100 infants into the Galaxy to learn about other races. The infant Odo was less than a half litre in size , he did not know what he was, and had no memory of where he came from , Dr Pol taught Odo to take shape ,but first Odo had to somehow let the doctor know he was alive , finally turning into a beaker and the doctor realizing he was more than just a sample of Goo.
Odo's early years were full of pain but he set about , making a life and identity for himself .Odo is not part of the Dominion.



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